Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fire Season

The 16 or so fires that are burning all around us right now are a reminder of how there isn't a fall season here. It's replaced with Fire season. All this week temperatures are supposed to be in the 90s. Sunday, when the Santa Ana winds were blowing like crazy, everyone knew fire would be a problem.

For any of you wondering, we are surrounded by fires, but we ourselves are not near any danger. The Malibu fires are WAY North of us. (a few hours away) There is a fire along the toll roads we take into Orange County. (about 40 minutes away) There is a fire up in the mountains where we spent some time last weekend. The most devastating and astounding fire is in the San Diego area which is about an hour away. There are multiple fires there and when you look at a map of where all the fires are, San Diego is surrounded. We have friends down there that are safe for now, but have housed some relatives that were evacuated. The only thing that affects us is the extremely poor air quality from all the smoke. A lot of people have decided to leave the area completely and go to Las Vegas or Arizona for the week. Please keep everyone in your prayers.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the note. We got a prayer chain request for all of you today, including Eric Greene, the nephew of the Clare Greene kids here.

Anonymous said...

It was nice to have you at my dinner table tonight!! Micayla makes the same sounds and movements as you do/did when you were the same age. Remember the duck sounds with the cheek, "it's baaaaaaaaack!" as well as the rythum snap and bump the fists. She says she does them just to give me a chance to have you here!!

You will probably end up with a duet when you visit sometime.
Love ya, Mom