Friday, September 02, 2005

Things continue to progress

This is just an update of a couple more pictures to show the progress. The first one is a picture of the "ceiling" on our "pavilion" I can't think of a better word to call it. It reminds me of a pavilion. The cedar turned out gorgeous and we are very happy with it. The guys are finishing the tile roof on top of the pavilion today and then all we need is a fan and some kind of lighting and it will be set.

The other picture is of the front of the house as of today. All it needs now is paint, stone added to the columns and the wall, a sidewalk poured and lighting. Not to mention landscape, but I will just be excited to have a sidewalk again.

Also, as I type, there are are guys in the kitchen putting in our new countertops. When that is all finished, I will be sure to post a picture of that as well.