Tuesday, October 31, 2006


When I was growing up, we often had chocolate miniatures around the house. My dad always played a game with them called "The Game" It was a game teaching about choices and how there are consequences for those choices. He would hold out his hands, both hands containing a chocolate miniature. We had to choose which hand we wanted. Whichever hand we chose, that's the piece we would be required to eat. I always hoped it would be a special dark. Those were my favorite.

In order to ensure that I had plenty of chocolate for myself. I would always choose a krackel or a Mr. Goodbar if there was one in the bowl because my other siblings didn't like the special dark. So the special dark would be the last eaten and since they didn't like it, it was all for me (and my mom)

I realized today as it's Halloween and there was an article about how chocolate is better for the teeth than sticky candy. I have concluded, that it is ok for me to eat my dark chocolate. In fact, I should be encouraged to eat it. Not only is it good for my heart, it's good for my teeth. Well, it's better than starburst anyway.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Writing produces writing

I am home sick today and what a better excuse to sit at the computer and pass the time writing. I also have some books I picked up the other day and now I can feel good about sitting around and reading as well. Without feeling like I should be doing something else. Here is how I like to treat myself when I'm sick. I'm not sick for very long, so this usually works.

1. I always make a glass of hot tea. The first sip is usually pretty quick, I practically inhale the tea bypassing my tongue and the roof of my mouth and swallow it down my throat burning most anything that might be lingering in there.

2. I repeat with chicken noodle soup.

3. I try to take it easy. But I still make myself get off the couch periodically to move the mucous around. So, right now, there is laundry going. I will type, read or rest in between the loads. The bed sheets, towels and everything will be cleaned.

4. It helps to have a cute box of Kleenex nearby. I just bought a brown box with pink, blue and green flowers. The girl that bagged my groceries even commented on how cute the box was. I love brown.

5. This one is new for this round of sickness, I think Bruschetta is the new chicken noodle soup. Our neighbor gave me a ton of tomatoes so of course I made Bruschetta. I think all the vit C, antioxidants, etc in the tomatoes and the garlic are great for the immune system. I'm sure the basil and olive oil have some kind of affect as well.

And now...updates

1. We are officially SCUBA certified and had a great time spending a few extra days on Catalina Island after our last dive. (oooh, first load is done, I'll be back) I'm supposed to be getting a CD of our pictures from the SCUBA instructor some time.

2. The mason started putting stone on the wall out front. Only a small section is done, but it looks great already.

3. We will be visiting my sister on the east coast the week of Thanksgiving. Our friend from Scotland will be in Washington DC at the same time, so the timing is perfect.

4. The local country station is having a radio-a-thon for my unit at the hospital. I will be answering phones tomorrow afternoon to collect pledges.

OK. Enough time on the computer, I need to finish a book and then heat up some homemade chicken noodle soup. # of sneezes while typing this: 8. I guess I should go wash my hands and wipe down the keyboard. Later.