Saturday, September 09, 2006

Lessons learned from SCUBA (so far)

1. Clearing a mask of water (while under water) can be done, just don't forget to exhale with your nose, tilt your head back and close the mask again.

2. Do not swallow air. It comes up a lot bigger than when it went down.

3. Urinating in a pool while wearing a wet suit for 3 hours is a necessity (to all the swimmers that used the pool when we were finished...sorry)

4. Equipment selection is all about comfort.

5. Keep the regulator in your mouth at all times, except when performing skills that you pray you won't need to use when you SCUBA in the ocean for real.

6. Exhaling under water is possible, just don't breath in without your regulator.

7. I am thankful for the nose God gave me that warms and humidifies the air I breathe.

8. Diving computer is totally worth it.

9. Replace the dust cap every time or Wiley will not be happy.

10. Relax.