Sunday, March 02, 2008

In Like a Lion

It is super windy today and it reminded me of a proverb we always learned as a child. If the weather in March came in like a lion, it would go out like a lamb. Nathan was hoping to get the garden started today, but the wind really is too dangerous. Huge branches are flying off our 20 year old cottonwood trees, the ripe grapefruit and oranges are being blown off the tree, the lawn chairs are blowing all over, my poor avocado tree is holding on for dear life. The fence in the back of the yard had one board fly off, then two and now is working on the rest of the fence. I'm looking forward to calm weather at the end of March.

Here are some random thoughts from today:

Nutella and fresh strawberries are yummy on waffles.

The outtakes for Rush Hour 3 are more funny than the movie itself. Just my opinion.

The Discovery channel sucks you in and doesn't let you go easily.