Monday, January 30, 2006

The IT Crowd

I am soon learning that I love British comedy. My husband first introduced it to me by showing me "The Office." The british TV show that the American version is based on. It took me a few episodes to catch what they were saying and get used to the accent. Soon I was addicted and we finished the first couple seasons over a few days.

Then, last night, he downloaded a show called "The IT Crowd" He told me it was another British comedy. I had just finished working a full shift, so I wasn't excited to watch a show. I just wanted to go to bed. He promised I would like it. You know what...I loved it!!! It started off with a girl interviewing for a job in this huge company with a great view of the city, huge windows, beautiful bathrooms, etc. The boss (who knows nothing about computers) decides to hire her (she knows how to use email and surf the internet) for Supervisor of IT -Information Technology - aka computer nerds.

He sends her to the basement where her office is. She passes by everything you could think of in the basement. We were cracking up that the computer people were in the basement, isn't that how it always is. The computer people are just thrown anywhere in the worst place of the building. Then there are the two guys in the room, they were so stereotypical for IT people. You had the desktop support manager, (who took his precious time answering the phone while he finished his donut/coffee) after he finally picks up the phone, he tries to solve a problem by telling the person to turn the computer off and on again. Then you have the programmer who says and takes everything literally and corrects anyone that is incorrect. Of course these two are upset to learn that she (having no computer knowledge whatsoever) is their new boss. She tries to pretend that she knows what she's doing by typing when they come into the room. Of course, they figure out that the computer isn't plugged in.

The entire show was hilarious and they end up trying to figure out a way that they can use her "people skills" to make the other people in the company happy. (this idea was inspired after a lady came down and beat the desk support guy with a high heel) I'm excited to see the rest of the episodes.

Who would have ever though I would enjoy a British comedy about Information Technology people? I now understand Nathan's job a little better. When will the British come out with a show about nurses so Nathan can understand my job better?

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


We had a great time at MacWorld. The most exciting thing for me was the updates to their software included in iLife. They released a new iMAC with duo core intel processors. (much faster) Since Nathan had just sold our other iMAC a few days before leaving, we purchased a new one and the updated iLife programs will be included. I'm really excited for the changes in iphoto and they have a new one program called iWeb that looks great. So hopefully, there will be some changes to this little blog. Stay tuned.

Friday, January 06, 2006

I was wrong

The last egg of the carton was cracked open last night. I was wrong, it was only a single yolk. It was fun while it lasted. As I cracked open the first egg of the new carton this evening, I couldn't help but anticipate and hope that it would be a double yolk. The excitement over all of this wasn't as much the fact that I saw that many double yolks, but rather, the number of double yolks in one carton! I think all in all it was about 9/12 were double yolks. Crazy!

We are off to MacWorld in San Francisco in a couple of days. I'll be sure to post on some of my favorite things we see there.

In case you've been wondering, the home improvement projects have been very slow lately. I'm hoping they start picking up in the next couple weeks now that Christmas is over.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Egg-Craziness Continues

In all honesty I have lost count of how many eggs were twins eggs, but in the last two days, I have cracked open two and they were both twins. I have one egg left of this crazy dozen. My bet is on twins.