Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Race Across America

Our friends are participating in Race Across America (RAAM) again this year. We joined them last year serving as crew for the race. Last year we raced with team ViaSat. This year they are racing with the Northcoast cycling team. They've been at it for almost 24 hours. They are in 4th place right now out of 8. Looks like team ViaSat is right behind them. Team ViaSat is supposed to have live internet feeds again like last year, but is not up on their website so they must be having problems like we did last year. The Northcoast team has called Nathan a few times to go to the RAAM website and tell them what the standings are. Its crazy to think people bike all the way across the country and some people even do it solo. They are all stronger than I.

They have a blog that is updated periodically. If you are interested, visit here.

The race started in Oceanside, CA yesterday and ends in Atlantic City, NJ. If you're interested you can also track their standings here

Every now and then I wish we had made time to join them this year, then reality sets in and I remember how stressful it was and am just as happy watching from the sidelines.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Updated backyard

I talked about the backyard for so long I thought it would be wrong not to show a picture of the grass all grown in. And good news...the dove eggs in our patio hatched. It was fun having the nest there. There was always a bird sitting on the nest and every few hours, they would "change guards" as one bird flew in the other would fly out.