Monday, June 26, 2006

Who'd Have Thought

I just purchased a ticket to Minnesota to visit family for the summer. It makes sense that a ticket to Australia would be one of the most expensive tickets because it's probably the furthest you can go from the west coast. But please explain to me why a ticket to Minnesota is more expensive than a ticket to London, Rome, and probably a number of other places over seas.

Monday, June 05, 2006

I am a Slacker

I am a slacker. It has been over a month since I've updated. I haven't been really inspired to write anything, but my English teacher in high school always said "writing produces writing" So...I am going to write some randomness that will hopefully not be quite so random by the end.

Work on the house is slowwwwly getting there. Nathan has been working hard out in the yard planting various edible plants. We now have, banana trees, queen palms, an orange tree, grapefruit tree, 2 cherry trees and some blueberry bushes. There is grass growing on one side of the front lawn and the other side is all grated and ready to have grass planted. All that is really left is the wall on the side of the house and finishing the retaining wall in the front.

Nathan and I are participating in a Race Across America next week. It leaves from Oceanside, CA and ends in Atlantic City, NJ. The race is a team of 8 bicyclers that take turns riding for hours at a time. Nathan and I will be part of the crew that drives the vehicles that carry the equipment and assist the cyclers. It's going to be fun, but intense.

Over the last few years I fell in love with the characters on Everwood on the WB. Last night was the series finale. We thought the season finale was last week, so I bought Season 1 on DVD and we watched the first episode before the finale. It turns out, it wasn't the last episode, so I spent last week re-watching the entire 1st season. The thing that really pulled me in is that a father from New York City moves his 2 kids to a small town in Colorado after his wife dies. It's a place she fell in love with when she was a child on a train ride. These city people fell in love with the small town. The best thing was that the show often opened and closed with narration that was always beautifully poetic that pulled the entire episode together. They stopped doing the narration after the first couple seasons and while I still thought the show was great, it was always missing something. Week after week, this show made me miss small town living. And now it's over.