Tuesday, January 23, 2007


It has been cold here (for California, anyway.) Our house has tile and wood floor throughout, so it is always just a little chillier than you would expect. So, Nathan convinced me to try flannel sheets. I laughed at him saying flannel sheets are completely unnecessary where we live. However, I found some that were on sale and put them on our bed last night.

Now I will admit to everyone. I was wrong. Flannel sheets are necessary. I pulled back the covers to get in last night and the sheets were warm. I didn't have to stay in one spot to warm them up. When I turned in the middle of the night, I didn't have to warm my new spot. Then, this morning, I didn't want to get out of bed. I can't wait to go to bed tonight!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Life is a Highway

I took care of a 3 year old the last couple days. I asked her this afternoon if she wanted to go to the playroom because they would be closing in an hour and I knew she liked being in there. She started to get off her bed, when she said "wait, let me hear my song first" She was watching the movie Cars and started to sing along to "Life is a Highway" Except, she did that cute little kid thing, (I occassionally do this as well) where they mumble the entire sentence and then the last couple words of the phrase are all you understand. ie. " Li isa iway, aw wanari ial night long" I don't need to tell you that it was absolutely adorable.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

A good drive thru story

Some things I just can't keep to myself. Things like this make me chuckle and I have to share. It's these kinds of stories that I love and will probably always remember.

I freely admit that I am a dork. Sometimes more than others, but I am a dork. Nathan and I both wanted different things for dinner. I wanted Rubios fish tacoes and Nathan was happy with something from Del Taco. They are both in the same shopping center. Nathan stayed home and I went to get the food. I went into Rubios and was feeling lucky that there was a parking spot nearby. I went in and went straight to the register and ordered, my food was ready by the time I gathered my salsas. This was going quickly and I was excited because I just wanted to get back home and spend some time with Nathan. I went back to the car and got in the Drive thru for Del Taco. I ordered as I was the only one in line once again. Paid the lady at the window. Said "thank you" and drove off. As I turned right onto the street, I put my hand over for the bag of food as I always do to make sure it doesn't tip over and it wasn't there! Crazy me, I drove off without Nathan's food!! So, in all the traffic, I drove around the block and went back.

Cold food is a small price to pay for a good story.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Weather or not?

I have been in California now for seven years. I wonder when there won't be a trace of "Minnesota girl" left. There must be plenty left in me because in the last week, I have had a lot of reminders.

One of our Drs. received a page, looked at the number, and said where is 507? Everyone else is looking at each other confused as to what he is asking. I said the first thing that came to my mind: "That's the area code for Rochester, MN" He still looked puzzled. I said "the Mayo Clinic is there." Then it clicked for him.

At work most everyone knows I am not originally from California. The only people that remember exactly what state I'm from are from another state themselves. (i.e. Illinois, South Dakota) Everyone else (that would be all the native Californians) always say, "where are you from again? Somewhere back east, right?"

So it came as no surprise to me at lunch the other day when the conversation turned to how cold it's been. Someone talked about an ice storm "back east" They couldn't imagine how in the world it could rain ice. Of course, I had to tell the "Angi story" of a rain storm we had one year where the bus actually slid right past our house and couldn't stop. We didn't go to school that day. I also tried to explain what its like to have your car sitting outside in an ice storm causing the locks, doors and windows to be iced shut, having to litterally break into your car.

Then, I could not have been more excited this morning. I almost slipped on a sheet of ice! (I almost wish I had, it would have made a better story) The rest of the sidewalk was clear (as always) except for a large part of a driveway where water had frozen and still hadn't melted. I had forgotten what it was like to really watch your step.

I cannot believe I created a post talking about weather. I guess there will always a part of me that is Minnesota.