Saturday, July 28, 2007

Late Night (or is it early morning?) Musings

Well, I can't sleep and you all get to suffer from it (or benefit) depending on how you look at it. I appear to have pink eye. I was suspicious yesterday when the corner of my eye seemed a little more red than it usually does. Then, I woke up a couple hours ago with that classic crusty, pus stuff. So, I called into work and now my Saturday will be spent at urgent care for eye drops so that maybe I can go to work on Sunday. It will be pushing the 24 hours on eye drops rule before returning to work, but we'll see how it goes.

All things causing me to be up right now can be blamed on Nathan:

1. A couple weeks ago he had pink eye. I was trying to figure out what I hadn't touched in that time that I touched recently. Then I realized I have been driving his truck the last couple of days. Mystery solved.

2. I am driving his truck while he has my car in San Diego for Comicon. Something about my little Corolla getting better gas mileage than his honkin' Tacoma truck.

3. He is not in bed with me and therefore I can't go back to sleep.

I would get up and be productive, but anyone that really knows me, knows that once I am in bed, I don't get out of bed for anything (yes, even to urinate...I hold it) and that obsession was reinforced tonight when I heard strange noices that I couldn't identify. I figure as long as I stay in bed, the boogieman can't get me. This will inevitably cause a problem when the goop in my eye gets so thick, I will need to add a warm compress to my eye.

There's a plus to not going to work tomorrow. I don't have even the slightest chance of being assigned to a patient that I politely refer to as a "pistol." I won't get into it. I will just say "grrrr" and move on.

The upside to anticipating a 3+ hour wait at Urgent Care is I can finally read the book I've been wanting to read "Angels and Demons." I am not going to read it now for obvious reasons. #1 it's in the living room #2 Its a dark, scary book.

OK the red battery light is blinking and yep, the charger is in the other room. My time is up.


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Gotta Love SoCal

Here's a story that doesn't involve a patient. I was at lunch at work and there were a few other nurses in the lounge. I can't remember what our conversation was, but out of nowhere a nurse said:

"I saw a llama for the first time the other day"

We all were silent waiting for more and wondering at the same time where she was going with this, so someone asked:

"where did you see a llama?"

With such enthusiasm in her voice she said: "The Orange County fair!"

I still don't know why it was so funny.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Cute, Yet Simple Story

At work today I was the circulating nurse which basically means I didn't have a list of my own and just went around and helped anyone that needed it. I heard a medication infusion pump beeping, so I went into the room and saw that the medication was finished and needed a saline flush. I wanted to know what fluids the medication was connected to because the patient had both TPN and regular IV fluids running. So, I thought outloud "where is this going?" The 5 year old patient looked at me and said "It's going in me" That made my day and I was still chuckling hours later.

Friday, July 06, 2007


We just got home from a roadtrip to MN to see my family. It has been a long time since we've been on a roadtrip. We had a great time. We accomplished a lot of things in the 10 days we were gone. The theme of the trip on our way out was Sonic. (I love how they have tator tots!) Nathan had all the Sonics mapped out along I-80 and I-70. Our first stop was Arches National Park in Utah. Then, we stopped in Denver to visit a childhood friend of mine that I hadn't seen in years. After that, we ventured onto Lincoln, NE to visit more friends. Then, we spent the next night in St. Paul, MN with my cousin and drove up the next morning to meet my family to stay on a lake and do some fishing. Fun stuff.

After spending a few days with my family, we drove down to WI for both a family reunion and a friend's wedding. Once again having a great time seeing people I hadn't seen in years. The trip back was much faster. We left after the wedding and drove to St. Louis. We arrived around 1am, drove up to the arch and decided to keep driving to get a hotel room. We woke up the next morning and had an early lunch getting St. Louis BBQ. Then we drove a few more hours and stopped in Kansas City to compare the BBQ there. No offense, St. Louis, but I think I like Kansas City BBQ better. After that, we pretty much just kept driving (got pulled over in the middle of Kansas and got a speeding ticket...oops) Nathan didn't want to miss the midnight showing of Transformers. He looked up theaters and we found one in Denver that had a midnight showing. Bought our tickets and had really good seats. It was awesome by the way. We drove for a few more hours after that and stopped early morning to rest for a few hours. We arrived home Tuesday evening.