Sunday, November 18, 2007


Wow! Has it really been nearly a month since I've blogged? How lame am I? A big thing happened this weekend. After 2 years of being in this house and having tacky looking window coverings, we finally had shutters put on a few of our key windows.

This is the dining room. The window is HUGE! I love that I can open the blinds and get lots of sunshine without feeling like everyone can see in, since the window is in the front of the house. I will take a picture of the rest of the room once we finish it. We still need to hang things on the walls, but we need to put our baseboards in first. Then I will post more pictures of the room.

This is the mushroom room. This one is on the side of the house, but it is the one window that the sun beats down on ALL DAY LONG! Even today when it was probably only about 70 degrees outside, when I felt the shutter it still felt warm. Imagine how much that shutter is going to keep the room cooler in the summer. Take note of the red phone on the dresser in this room. Nathan got the phone for free, painted it red and bought a red cord. All under $10. We call it the batman phone.

This one is in the guest room. This window is also in the front of the house.


Meigan said...

Wow. It's really looking great, guys!

Justin & Karlene said...

The shutters look really great. I love how you show the guest room, but there is no place for a guest to be. Shouldn't you call it the storage room? I guess I can't really talk, I stick people down in my basement, next to the washing machine.

aroy17 said...

All of that stuff is stuff we're selling on ebay. The funny thing is, I saw that on the bed and almost cleared if off before taking the picture, but I wanted to show you all (my family I mean) that I can have a mess in the house periodically.