Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Kudos for Amazon.com

This is what Christmas is all about. I have had a saga going since trying to order a gift for my sister through Amazon.com. The first time I ordered it, I accidently sent it to my house instead of to my mom's since we have Amazon prime and get free 2-day shipping. So, when it arrived, I returned it and reordered. It was a good thing I "accidently" sent it here because the color was ALL wrong. My sister would have hated the color.

This morning my mom said the gift had been delivered, but was left by the wrong door and the dog devoured it and the gift was destroyed. I thought "what else could happen with this gift!" It wasn't meant to be. My mom called the shipping company and they were going to put in a customer complaint.

I called Amazon to see what they could do, thinking "what do I have to lose?"

I was so excited because I was expecting to explain the situation and have them say "sorry, there's nothing we can do, it wasn't our fault they left it outside and that a dog got to it" Instead...they gladly offered to reorder the gift (free of charge) and send it out again using 1-day shipping! The gift will be there tomorrow and I didn't need to ask for any of that. They just offered. I was able to be my timid, nice self and didn't need to muster up the courage to get upset with someone over the phone.

I do have to say, the delivery guy must have been trying to prove that they deliver anywhere, anytime, because he walked through 4 feet of fresh, undisturbed snow up to my parent's front door (that they NEVER use in the winter) instead of placing it next to the basement door that is right where the truck would have parked and is completely cleared away. Obviously the most used door at the house.

So, for all your last minute Christmas shopping, I recommend Amazon.com.

It's so exciting to have an example of kindness this time of year when things tend to get crazy, frantic and insane. The operator showed me Christ's unfailing love and grace and probably didn't even know.


Anonymous said...

The gift arrived today in good shape. They even put it inside like I had asked them to. so what was the wrong color? This one is rich.

Just a side note, that was 4 inches of snow, not feet!

Donovan Asher Rood said...

I love amazon too! The shipping is always the fastest, even when they say it will be longer it shows up before you expect it too.

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Mum :) said...

Yep, I have to agree, Amazon.com rocks! I ordered the 7th season of Gilmore Girls for Meig, and they gave me free shipping and handling, not to mention half the price it would have cost in the stores for my purchase, AND it arrived 3 DAYS EARLIER than the original delivery date. Now that is just too cool. :)