Friday, February 08, 2008

I can't think of a title

I had a cute patient the last couple of days. She had been in a lot a few years ago when she was first diagnosed and sadly she's back in and we're trying to figure out some things. She is adorable and so talkative. It took her the first day to learn my name and then the next day she wouldn't stop saying my name. Everytime I walked in she smiled and said "hi Angi" She would come to the door with her IV pole and say down the hallway "hi Angi" So, it should have been no surprise when I was chitchatting with her mom and her mom asked if I had kids. I told her I was pregnant and our conversation changed to all things pregnancy as it usually does these days. My little patient asked what we were going to name the baby if it's a girl. I told her what our ideas are (they change frequently) then she said "How about L....." (I don't want to say her real name) I would love to take care of her everyday, but I hope things go well for her over the weekend and that she won't be in the hospital when I go back on Monday.

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AnnalĂ­a Noelle Hibbard said...

Are you keeping your names a secret until you have them solidified? Not a bad idea, so many people think they can comment on potential names, but a solidified name, they are less likely to judge out loud :) Or, are you keeping it a secret until the baby comes? Always nice to have at least one surprise for people, besides the weight:)